For those people who are planning to visit Stoney Creek Ontario, there are a lot of very interesting sites that you can visit with your family. Most of the tourist attractions in the community are those that have historical significances. One of the museums that can be found in Stoney Creek is the Battlefield House Museum.

The Battlefield House is actually not just a museum but it is also a park. The museum is surrounded by 32 acres of land where different herbs, gardens, and trails can be found. This area of the community has a very important place in history because this is where the battle of Stoney Creek in 1813 occurred. In the year 1960, the Battlefield House was named as one of Canada’s National Historic Sites.

A very prominent historical monument that can be found in Stoney Creek is the Battle of Stoney Creek Monument. This landmark has been created in the year 1913 which was the 100th anniversary of the battle in the community between the Americans and the British. This monument is 100 feet in height. There is also the Erland lee Museum which showcases numerous historical artifacts dating back to the 1700’s. It is also known in history as the place of origin of Women’s Institutes.