Before the year 1812, the little town of Stoney Creek Ontario was basically unheard of. The community people lived peacefully and the town had no significance to the country. This community only gained recognition because of its significance during the war that erupted between the British force and the United States Army which started in the year 1812.

During the 1813 battle of Stoney Creek, the Americans were actually surprised by the British Forces when they attacked at night. A few American generals were captured and this battle in Stoney Creek actually empowered the Brits especially in their hold on Upper Canada. Although the British army were considered to be outnumbered by the Americans and there were more British men who were missing, killed, or wounded during the battle, the capturing of 7 American officers led to the victory of the British.

After the battle, the remaining American troops had no chance but to retreat and return to another base near Fort George. They didn’t spend much time in that area either since they found their way back to US territory by crossing the Niagara River a few months after. A stone tower is erected in Stoney Creek to commemorate this historical event.