Stoney Creek in Ontario was colonized by Loyalists (American colonists) after the American Revolution. It was difficult to describe till it was placed on the map to some extent at the time of the 1812 War by the Battle of Stoney Creek.

During a nighttime unannounced attack, the Americans were overwhelmed by the outnumbered British, who forced the former’s retreat to Grimbsy (formerly Forty Mile Creek). This forty-minute-long battle killed hundreds of individuals and caused the two U.S. Generals to be captured. The Battle of Stoney Creek’s site near King Street and Centennial Parkway has been protected as the community’s Battlefield House along with its connected park, monument and museum.

The site of the earliest Women’s Institute of the world, named the Erland Lee Museum, is also situated in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The Bruce Trail’s branches provide access to the renowned Devil’s Punch Bowl and Battlefield Park. The former is marked by a big illuminated cross, offering a wonderful lookout for Hamilton and Stoney Creek alike. Other popular green areas include the Fifty Point Conservation Area that features camping and some minor craft harbor. Indeed, Stoney Creek is one of the interesting places to visit in the province of Ontario.