E.D. Smith, a local jam tradesman, promoted Stoney Creek and acted as a Member of Parliament of Wentworth around the course of the twentieth century. On the other hand, the last political tremor took place as Tony Valeri, federal transport minister who did support Paul Martin as a Liberal leader, won victory over Sheila Copps, who is a former minister of Canadian heritage and gave support to Jean Chretien, during a bitter election after the redistricting process forced the two current Members of Parliament neck and neck in the previously separated Hamilton East- Stoney Creek.

Stoney Creek is similar to its larger neighbor in that it expanded over the twentieth century in order to encompass an increasing number of its minor neighbors such as Elfrida, Fruitland, Tweedside, Winona, Tapleytown, and Vinemount.

The city of Stoney Creek, together with five additional second-tier towns, became part in 1974 of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, which is a two-tier federation of municipalities. Stoney Creek, Ontario was granted a city status in 1984 and was aiming to challenge its neighbor that has greater population. Nevertheless, over the demanding objection of its residents, the city was combined with the other Hamilton-Wentworth Region municipalities to form new Hamilton City.