More than 60 thousand individuals residing in Stoney Creek Ontario are enjoying the moderate weather of the community. If you compare the weather in Stoney Creek against those of other areas in Canada, the climate in this community is pretty modest. This area also experiences 4 distinct seasons such as winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The climate in Stoney Creek as with the rest of the Hamilton area is classified to be humid- continental. The weather patterns in this type of climate classification can change every season. Precipitation in the community can be experienced as either rain or snow. Rain can fall on all months of the year including the winter season but snow usually do not fall on the months of May to October.

The hottest month in Stoney Creek is June. This can also be attributed by the fact that June is the month where the community gets the most sunshine in the year. The coldest month is January which is also the peak of the winter season. The community of Stoney Creek and the other communities comprising the city of Hamilton do not sit in a flat plain. This could result to a change in weather in just short distances.